Career Counselling

Imagine a student from 9th Standard who is clear about his strengths and weaknesses, what kind of skills he possesses and in which skills he needs to work more by the time he/she becomes ready for his dream career and another same age student who is yet to decide about which career he/she wants to pursue and has never thought about what kind of work he loves to do. There will be higher possibilities of success of first kind of student in life.

There are two ways of living life: one is preventive and other is curative. What if we take good care of ourselves to prevent the diseases, failures and setbacks of our life. That is prevention. Prevention is always better than cure.

Saksham is a kind of program that enables student to be aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses.

The word ‘Saksham’ is a Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati word which has same meaning: ‘capable’ or ‘skillful’.

Saksham is a yearlong ongoing program launched by Shri KJSS for the students of 6th Standard to 12th standard with an objective of making every student capable and independently able to take decisions about his/her career.

Saksham program is designed in such a way that the student will have clear idea of

  • His / her interest areas
  • His / her strengths and weaknesses
  • What kind of career he / she is dreaming and how it can be achieved
  • What kind of skills required to pursue the career of choice?

What is Saksham ?

Saksham is a project crafted by a psychologist and educationalist keeping in mind an objective that every student should be independently capable of thinking about his or her career objectives.

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  • 2 types of Psychometric tests of students

    Interest test or profiling – Interest test is a psychological test in which student expresses likes and dislikes of activities, framed through questions. Based on that psychologist analyses the interest areas of student which ultimately help student in determining his or her career.

    Personality Awareness Tests: This is the test usually taken of the students of age 12 to 18. It helps counselor in determining the academic interest and level of a student and their personality.

    Once these tests are done, the counselors have now idea of interest areas of student and after discussing with students and their parents they recommend the possible career opportunities for every student.
  • 5 to 7 [around 3 hours in total] Personal counseling sessions of student each of half an hour – every student need different kind of counseling for grooming. passed on personal profiling , counselors prepare a chart of skills which are required to achieve particular career objective followed by activities for skill development . In personal counseling counselors will assign different tasks to student which will help student in attaining or sharpening the required skill in the student. Regular review will be done by counselors through such personal counseling sessions.
  • Around 8 to 10 group counseling sessions [each of 1 to 2 hours relating to skill and personality developments. – These general sessions are designed keeping in mind the skills required for the effective study habits and the career opportunities of 21st Century. Every general session will focus on common skills like creativity, out of box thinking, communication skill, decision making, time management etc.

Beside that counselors will ask students to read certain books and book review sessions will be arranged among students where students will share their part of understandings with other students.